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Picture this. You’ve just made the finishing touches on your brand new business website. What should you do now? Social media! There are many choices when it comes to social media networks but considering most businesses manage some sort of content on Facebook, let’s begin with an offering of tips for marketing on Facebook!

Create a Facebook Business Page

Despite their similar appearance, Facebook’s business and personal pages have some significant differences. By creating a business page, you will have access to advertising tools, auto responses, and the ability to create a Facebook shop. Your business page may also be managed by multiple employees in your company. Each employee can be assigned a role with custom permissions. You can find “Page Roles” in the left navigational menu of your page settings. Pretty nifty, huh?


Set Up Your Vanity URL On Facebook

By default, your business page’s URL will likely be a string of numbers. This is a bit discouraging for customers hoping for an easy way to type out your URL. Many people will even assume your company name is part of your Facebook URL: www.Facebook.com/ElementMarketingCompany

To change your default URL into a cleaner Vanity URL, click on the “About” tab followed by “Edit Page Info.” From there, you can choose a name using the “username” field.


Don’t be lazy. Complete Your Facebook Business Profile

It’s almost second nature. Human beings tend to be impatient. In order to get to the meat and potatoes of a new program, many people skip the finer details of a profile page: Profile picture, cover photo, about section, website links, contact info, and company categories. Be sure to pack that profile with as much information as possible. Think about yourself as a customer and decide what you would most likely want to see. 

Meta Business Suite menu

Connect Meta Business Suite and USE IT 

Meta Business Suite is now the official management site for Facebook business pages. The business suite also integrates with Instagram so that you may easily manage both platforms from one place. Manage and respond to messages, advertise, plan and schedule posts, and use the embedded commerce manager to build a virtual shop. Meta Business Suite is a fantastic solution for business owners who don’t wish to spend their early profits on industry standards like Hootsuite or Sprout Social. In fact, in many ways, it can be better to manage content without relying on a third party. Don’t want to open that Shopify site for $350+ per year? Create a catalog with Facebook Commerce. 


Facebook Insights and USE IT

Another useful tool that many small business owners overlook is Facebook Insights. It is listed clearly in your “Manage Page” menu on the left side of your business page. Learn more about your audience and how they choose to interact with your page and website. There’s a gold mine of information here when you think outside of the box. How many times did users click the links in a recent post? What are the demographics of your audience? What posts did they hide? Find the answers to these questions inside Insights.

Meta Business Suite Planner

Facebook Messenger: Keep Track Of Your Messages

Why? Facebook does! Facebook notifies customers how quickly and likely you are to respond. This can have a highly positive or negative impact on the number of customer leads you receive through the platform. In other words, if you don’t promptly respond to your customers, Facebook will snitch on you! Aim for response times of under 2 hours or at least be sure to reply within a business day. 


Call to Action Button

Find the action button to the right and directly under the cover image of your profile. This is your opportunity to highlight a specific website, service, or product. Click “Edit” and view a list of options. First, determine the main goal of your business page. If you are just starting out, you may consider using the “follow” action in order to gain a larger Facebook audience. If you already have a substantial audience of followers, perhaps driving traffic to your eCommerce platform may be a better choice.

A camera shows off Facebook Live

Visual Marketing: Eye Catching Visuals

  • Facebook Live is often used to share a live moment with your friends and family, but this feature is also a great marketing tool! Advertise events by offering an inside look to prospective customers in the comfort of their own homes. 

  • In general, video attracts the most engagement online. This is why Youtube, Vimeo, and Tiktok have been met with massive amounts of success. In your next post, consider recording a short video describing a sale, giveaway, product, or service.


  • Photos are next on the most popular way to attract user engagement. Use professional photos and images when possible, but you shouldn’t necessarily shy away from impromptu photos or a quick Facebook Story. It aids your business to seem more approachable and down-to-earth. 


  • Text is the least likely visual to attract attention, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary. Less is usually more, but be sure to provide necessary information for your customers or they may decide to go with your competitor.
Live is better than video. Video is better than photos. Photos are better than text.

Add Social Media Buttons To Your Website

It seems like common sense, but you’ve more than likely seen a website or two with no social media buttons on it. There aren’t many good reasons to ignore a simple way to expand your audience. Adding share or social media buttons on your website will also help Google understand that these two websites are related to each other. In other words, it is a very basic form of SEO (What is SEO?).


Advertise On Facebook

Whether you spend $20 or $2000 per month, an advertisement on Facebook guarantees a wider reach, which often translates to expanding your audience. Advertisement of various forms is easily the fastest way to get more followers and/or web traffic. Boost your old and new posts or create a campaign. Learn more about boosting posts in our previous article. 

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