A man prepares to write content for a blog

Content writing is the process of creating, editing, and promoting online content for marketing purposes. Content creation can include email campaigns, writing blog posts and articles, creating videos and podcasts, and content for social media.

Types of Content: Social Media Posts, Video Scripts, Email Newsletter Campaigns, Press Releases, Web Pages, Blog Posts, Informational or Entertainment Articles, Product Descriptions. Can you think of more?

There are many tools to assist writers of all levels, as discussed in our recent blog writing article. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the top content and blog writing tools in the industry, both paid and free.

Surfer SEO

The All-in-One

Surfer SEO is a powerful program with a content planner, editor, and auditor. Unfortunately, all tiers appear limited with only 10, 30, or 70 articles per month depending on the chosen plan. Page auditing is also limited, but it seems much more reasonable considering the function. Surfer SEO does not have a free trial, but they do offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. The community, knowledge base, and live tips & tricks series could also be very valuable for those looking for a quick education.

Notable Features

  • Content Planner – Analyze keywords for suggested topic ideas. Scan content to identify search intent for the provided topic, whether it be investigative, informational, or local.  
  • Create AI Outline – Generate copy based on competing content. Choose from a number of generated paragraphs and headings.
  • Content Editor – Who needs MS Word when this editor can implement keywords, competitor content, tweak recommended words or phrases, and choose generated topics in the same program?
  • Auditor – Quickly evaluate and optimize existing pages or general content.

Closers Copy

The AI Runner

Dedicated introduction videos to most features are a welcome addition to the Closers Copy website. Potential customers may more easily comprehend these tools while also allowing confident product comparisons. Closers Copy’s Basic plan already supplies two slots for user access and adjusts for each tier climb. The basic plan seems fair in comparison to Surfer SEO’s lowest offer when you consider 300 AI runs to Surfer’s 10 full articles per month. In short, one AI run would be the process of adding a sentence and revealing additional generated text.

Notable Features

  • SEO Audits – Compare your article to selected and top ranked competitors. View the competing count of words, headings, paragraphs, and keywords. The embedded keyword counter predicts the amount of keywords needed to rank on Google.
  • SEO Planner – Generate headings and topics based on webpage audits and/or keywords.
  • Editor – Much like Rytr, this editor will use the context of a few sentences to generate another relevant paragraph. The editor provides multiple options for each chosen paragraph. Choose from three AI to generate copy: BlogAI, SalesAI, or StoryAI.



The Bulk Editor

Copysmith’s key feature is the ability to create content in bulk. More specifically, creating product descriptions in bulk. Upload your spreadsheets of product titles and relevant info to be greeted with AI-generated copy for each product. Each tier from Copysmith is mainly distinguished by the number of credits and/or words that the program will generate for you. Unfortunately, unlimited credits or words would require the Enterprise plan that forces you to contact Copysmith for more information. This would likely be a turn-off for anyone not overly interested in Copysmith specifically. The absurd price of $999 for the Enterprise plan likely serves as a placeholder and deterrent from time-wasters, as well as the ability to tailor-suit your needs and price.

Notable Features

  • Ecommerce – Rank higher by managing product descriptions with integrations, bulk data imports/exports, and a plagiarism checker.
  • Chrome Extension – Use the optional add-on to easily aid your content writing in-browser.
  • API – Access has been provided to third party websites for easy integration.
  • Teams & Collaboration – Enjoy an alternative to major collaboration tools. Provides a workflow queue, revision statuses, feedback, and more.
  • Bulk Copy – Generate copy in bulk by adding a spreadsheet of product information. Needless to say, this is a powerful tool for any company with a large ecommerce database.


The Sliding Scale

Only pay what you need. The feature that sets Jasper apart is actually billing. There are only two plans and both are priced on a sliding scale. The minimum 20,000 words for the starter plan would run $29 while 320,000 words would cost $399. The humorously named “Boss Mode” plan offers a minimum of 50,000 words for $59/mo and up to 700,000 words for $600/mo. Both plans feature 50+ AI templates, 5 users, and chat support. Boss Mode lures potentials with a Google Docs style editor, command features, improved functionality, and additional templates.

Notable Features

  • Integration – Recognizes Surfer SEO
  • Recipes – Shareable community content like frameworks and instructions for Jasper to follow.

Due to Jasper’s unique pricing system, we recommend heading to the source to view pricing information. Please click here to see Jasper’s sliding price models. No worries, we will be right here when you return!


The Templater 

CopyAI is our next popular platform on the list. Enjoy a dedicated workflow based on 40+ templates including blogs, photo captions, freestyle writing, and more. This program walks you through the process of writing content by requesting a title, keywords, tone, and your overall goal*. Then the system generates an editable outline with topics and headings. The next step involves adding an intro followed by CopyAI suggesting AI driven copy. It’s a very friendly tool for the uninitiated.

*Goal input was in beta at the time of writing this article. Only one goal is accessible today: Teaching the Reader.

Here is an example outline after providing the topic title, “Top Content Writing Tools.” Notice that you may add talking/bullet points and generate or regenerate more text.

outline example from copyai
outline example from copyai


The Virtual Content Assistant

Peppertype, “Your virtual content assistant” is easily comparable to CopyAI and does its best to help you through the content writing process. Select from the options of website copy, product descriptions, ad copy, blog ideas, tweets, photo captions, and even SEO meta descriptions.

Notable Features

  • Sliding Scale – One of three plans may be chosen with pricing sliders based on the number of users you wish to employ. Starter Plan allows 1 – 20 users, varying from $25 to 500/mo. Growth Plan offers 5 – 20 users for $165 to 615/mo.


The Popular Tool on a Budget

Touting success with 1.5+ million copywriters, Rytr simply works. Like CopyAI, Rytr does come with a free option, but it likely wont cover your needs for more than a few moments. Once again, being great for a trial but little else. Choose from at least 40 “use cases” or templates to generate several suggestions for copywriting. This may relate to blog writing, of course, but also call-to-actions, Q&A, product descriptions, SMS marketing, and more. Use Rytr’s guide here to assist you when writing a great article.

Access 20+ tones, languages, use cases or templates, and a plagiarism checker. The saver plan offers 50,000 characters per month for only $9/mo or an unlimited plan for $29/mo. Please note that Rytr uniquely tracks characters instead of words in comparison with competitors. 

Notable Mentions

While the following tools may not be comparable to the aforementioned services, they will certainly improve your abilities as a content writer. Both apps work for free, and you may unlock premium features for $10-30.

Hemmingway – This handy app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. Hemmingway also offers suggestions for sentence restructuring.

Grammarly – The grammar correction tool functions as a standalone app or browser add-on. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll likely never want to be without it again.