Fuel Your Brand’s Brilliance with the Power of Visual Marketing

At Element Marketing Company, we firmly believe in harnessing the power of visual storytelling to elevate your brand. Your brand has a story, and visuals are the storytellers. Our visual marketing strategies are crafted to ensure your brand makes an unforgettable first impression. Through carefully curated images and videos, we bring your narrative to life to create an emotional connection that lingers in the minds of your audience.

Our team of talented professionals specializes in all aspects of visual marketing, including awe-inspiring photography, captivating videography, and innovative graphic design. Whether you seek stunning lifestyle and commercial photography, compelling videography, or cutting-edge graphic design solutions, we have you fully covered. Allow us to collaborate with you in showcasing the sheer brilliance of your brand through the art of visual elements. Together, let’s fuel your brand’s narrative, leaving an indelible and unforgettable impact in the minds of your audience. Partner with Element Marketing Company and embark on the journey of telling your best story to unlock the true potential of your brand.


Imagery and multimedia integration are key aspects of all businesses. We offer high definition lifestyle and commercial photography on location or in our downtown art studio.



 We combine visual engagement and compelling narrative to custom craft your business story. Our small team of dedicated videographers are ready to inspire and create. 


Graphic Design

We design logos, print materials, letterhead and social banners to create a unified and consistent look to your marketing, branding, trade show or online market place.

Featured Project

Shelby Erectors

Shelby Erectors has been a client now for the past 2 years, but the relationship with owners Jack and Jen Nix dates back 10 years to Element’s work with The Steel Erectors Association of America. Jack initially approached us to create new videos and commercial photography content to solve their need for staff recruitment.

For several months, we developed a visual marketing strategy about the concepts with the branding company and owners before our lead photographer and videographer traveled to their Orlando and Key Largo locations. The project took 5 straight days to shoot, compiling enough video, drone footage and stock photography of their field operations plus interviews with key management and owners to compile 4 recruitment and company profile videos.

Shelby was delighted with our commitment to the project and have since launched a new website and managed to hire and train the additional staff they needed for company growth. They have also contracted us to help with their next project, which is a series of ongoing staff and employee training videos.

Increase your company’s visibility and presence 

If a picture can tell a thousand words allow us to implement a grand visual marketing strategy for an effective campaign to raise awareness for your company profile.

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