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Even with the massive success of video services like Vimeo, DailyMotion, and IGTV, Youtube still reigns supreme when it comes to popularity. In fact, Youtube’s success was noteworthy enough for Google to purchase the juggernaut in 2006, which only caused Youtube to overshadow its competition even further. Google can and has easily pushed traffic to its own services without the angry eye from its users. Google’s dominion over Youtube has attracted content creators of all ages and skill levels, which begs the question:
How much money do Youtubers actually make?

How do Youtubers make money?

There are many ways to make money with original video content. Not all methods are available to every content creator and these methods mainly rely on your audience’s interest and engagement.

Do users follow you? Do they engage with your material with likes, comments, and shares? Is your video interesting enough to keep them from skipping ahead?

These are all valid concerns that Youtube, and by extension, Google cares most about. If successful, you’ll be able to start applying the following methods or more:


  • Placement of video products and specific brand mentions
  • Acquiring the status of a permanent brand ambassador
  • Incorporating affiliate marketing links into video content and descriptions
  • Selling products online to your loyal fanbase
  • Gaining additional revenue streams by integrating with other successful platforms like Instagram/TikTok

How much money can you make on Youtube?

Top 10 Youtubers in 2022


Earned $54 Million in 2021 | 101 Million Subscribers

With over 100 million followers, MrBeast’s income is largely based on outrageous videos along with the promotion of Jimmy Donaldson’s mobile app, MrBeast Burger.

Jake Paul

Earned $45 Million in 2021 | 20 Million Subscribers

Brother of Youtuber Logan Paul. Gained popularity on Vine. After transitioning to Youtube and additional platforms, Jake gained recognition in the world of MMA.


Earned $38 Million in 2021 | 33 Million Followers

Master promotor of apparel and silly content, Mark Edward Fischbach has since begun his transition into television. 

Good Mythical Morning

Earned $30 Million in 2021 | 17 Million Subscribers

If you think morning shows can only be on television, you haven’t met the duo, Rhett and Link!


Earned $28.5 Million in 2021 | | 14 Million Subscribers

Large-scale projects are the name of the game here, including challenges and myth-busting. Nathan Graham’s original claim to fame was Minecraft videos!

Like Nastya

Earned $28 Million in 2021 | 99 Million Subscribers

Yes, this 8-year-old probably makes more money than you do! Nastya’s cheerful attitude and musical charm lead kids to great learning experiences.

Ryan’s World

Earned $27 Million in 2021 | 32 Million Subscribers

Ryan’s World is an educational series hosted by Ryan Kaji and his family. They also review toys for kids. What child wouldn’t love that?

Dude Perfect

Earned $20 Million in 2021 | 58 Million Subscribers

Live vicariously through this comedic team that drives desert buggies, performs trick shots, and other various activities.

Logan Paul

Earned $18 Million in 2021 | 23 Million Subscribers

Brother of this Top 10 list’s Jake Paul, Logan continues this new family tradition of dominating video content. Also in the same lane as Jake, Logan has competed in wrestling, namely WWE.

Preston Arsement

Earned $16 Million in 2021 | | 20 Million Subscribers

We have another Minecraft player on our list, but Preston has also promoted many games and challenges throughout his budding career of content creation.

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