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SEMRush reports that Reddit has ranked among the top ten most visited sites for years, even surpassing Wikipedia, Twitter, and Pornhub. Due to its ability to provide insightful commentary on any question anyone might have, Reddit’s popularity should come as no surprise. For this reason, we have aggregated a shortlist of web hosts recommended by Redditors for your perusal.

Quick Note: Web design & development isn’t easy. Choosing a web host isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, considering the variety of businesses and their needs. Please contact us on our Get Started page so we can get to know your business and provide you with the best option. That being said, every web hosting subscription comes with a number of notable features. Without further ado, and in no specific order, here are some of the most highly recommended web hosting sites recommended by Redditors.


As with many other brands offering professional services, SiteGround’s website is full of descriptive text intended to attract potential customers. Terms and phrases like “Hardworking,” “do everything with care,” and “top experts” flow through each page in order to gain your trust. Luckily, even the highly skeptical community of Reddit seems to agree that SiteGround has some of the best customer support compared with most top-tier hosts.

“Siteground is actually my preferred WordPress hosting provider. I’ve made probably 15 websites in total with them, and for a few reasons. The MAIN reason is that their customer support is awesome.”


Reddit User

In addition to great customer service, SiteGround offers a high amount of storage, 99.9% server uptime, dynamic caching, free SSL, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Pricing is certainly steep compared to the competition, but you’ll likely notice a near permanent sale for all three tiers in their plan. Please note the charts below represent the pricing and features offered during the creation of this article. Greyed out features at the bottom imply that they are not offered for that specific tier. Everything is subject to change.

SiteGround’s tier-to-tier plans vary, so let’s walk through each one in brief detail:

  • The “StartUp” plan is definitely tailor-suited for a start-up company or personal website. You should, however, have a simple and clear goal in mind when using this plan, as it only allows one website and a limited amount of web space. If more storage space is needed, it should always be possible to upgrade, since 10,000 visitors per month are quite a lot for most small companies.
  • The main draw behind the “GrowBig” tier would be the unlimited amount of websites. This would be an ideal choice for restaurant franchise owners or freelancers who wish to separate their services into multiple sites. GrowBig subscribers will get an extra boost in web space, free backups for peace of mind, and faster page speeds. What’s not to like?
  • Last but certainly not least, the “GoGeek” tier doubles the amount of space and allows four times as many monthly users as the previous tier. The pricing was adjusted accordingly to also inclue white-labele clients, private DNS, and more general support.


A leading web hosting company in the worldwide web, Bluehost is a suitable choice. Clients are connected to the company’s servers from multiple locations around the world, ensuring the best possible performance. Touted frequently on Reddit as the popular choice for beginners, BlueHost offers monthly billings instead of the increasingly standard, annual pricing from its competitors. Not only that, but much like SiteGround, Bluehost offers competitive page speeds and customer service. 

“Bluehost is a good cheap web hosting provider. There are better web hosting providers like Siteground that are of higher quality (but more expensive). But in terms of price to performance, Bluehost is good.”


Reddit User

Bluehost’s tier-to-tier plans vary, so let’s walk through each one in brief detail:

  • Basic Plan from Bluehost grants just about everything a start-up company would need. Included hosting, domain name, and even a website builder with hundreds of design templates. Believe it or not, there’s no limit for image uploads but you may not even require it due to their database of free stock images. For the grand starting price of $2.95, that’s pretty tough to top.
  • Next up is the pro tier. If you intend on adding any sort of e-commerce to your site, then this would be a must-have plan after choosing Bluehost. “Design your store with professional looking pricing and packaging design templates. Gain access to additional templates that make pricing and packaging multiple plans or products to your builder site easier.” -Bluehost
  • The Online Store plan is a pretty descriptive title, but what makes this plan superior to the previous one? This tier covers subscription-based services. If your product is actually a service, this may end up being your bread and butter. In addition, add cart customization and claim a discount code generator for customer support and promotions. What a deal!




After claiming data centers account for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, GreenGeeks immediately countered their own claim by being recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. A pleasant and helpful gimmick to their services is the commitment to planting one tree per subscriber. If you are looking for a simple and eco-friendly solution for web hosting, GreenGeeks would probably shine among the rest.

“At GreenGeeks we’re confident that you will be extremely happy with your green energy web hosting service, however if you are ever dissatisfied, simply reach out to our team and we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. We look forward to your business and to serving your web hosting needs.”

Trey Gardner

CEO, GreenGeeks

Shared hosting with GreenGeeks includes email accounts, website transfer, Lightning-fast SSD storage, cPanel and Softaculous, unlimited MySQL databases and Sub & Parked Domains, a 30-day guarantee, and around the clock customer support. Much like the other recommendations, this service comes as one of three tiers.

GreenGeek’s tier-to-tier plans vary, so let’s walk through each one in brief detail:

  • The Lite Plan’s “standard performance” definitely leads one to scratch their head, but each subsequent plan presumably has improved speeds and general capabilities. Like SiteGround’s StartUp service, Lite only allows one website, but does offer a free domain for the year.
  • Pro is certainly designed for professionals with increased performance and many unlimited features like web space and email accounts. Design as many websites as you wish in this tier preferable for a business requiring multiple outlets.


  • The Premium tier doesn’t actually offer anyimprovements to the features provided in the professional plan, but GreenGeeks touts the included dedicated IP and AlphaSSL for a bit of extra security and speed.  GreenGeeks claims these additions as a $147 value.

Honorable Mentions

In reality, there are tons of choices for great web hosting services mentioned on Reddit as well as other more reputable tech sites. Here is a short list of many solid hosting platforms.

In the end, choosing a host can be an overwhelming experience. We’d be happy to help you with web hosting, web design, SEO, social media, or anything else you’ll need to build and maintain a website. Let’s Get Started!